7 tips to run better Design Sprints

At The Next Lab we have facilitated 90+ Design Sprints over the past three years. We have learned from the grand man Jake Knapp himself, worked with the best of the best on some of the greatest impactful innovations of these times, marveled at the brightest minds to walk with us, laughed, tried and cried.

We have groomed the Design Sprint process to best meet the needs of our clients and their users. Most of all, we have failed 1000+ times. Tripping forward, we call it.

By doing so, our team of Facilitators came up with tons of great little ideas continuously improving the Design Sprint. We love to share these with you in a series of little blogs, so you can cherry-pick to improve your own Design Sprints.

I especially like Tip #5: : Interview real users beforehand

Assumption really is the mother of all f**k ups. (pardon my French). One of the objectives of the Design Sprint is to get rid of all the assumptions you might have in designing your product. We run a total of three exercises during the Design Sprint to make sure these assumptions are put to the test. Still, we thought that we could do better.

Want to know why and how? Read my full article here and learn from all the 7 tips we have gathered for you.

Gratis Case Study

Voor financieel dienstverlener Finnerz hebben we in één dag focus gelegd op nieuwe proposities en deze gevalideerd met hun klanten. Direct resultaat: het product, een financieel dashboard voor hun MKB klanten, is met succes live gegaan.

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