How we do what we do

Innovating sometimes sounds complex, but The Next Lab believes that anyone who wants to improve something is an innovator. The Next Lab's people, processes and network are there for these innovators. Central to everything we do is the "design thinking" principle where we always think from the target group or end user of the innovation. In this way, we provide solutions that meet the needs of those for whom we make them.

Our approach


Together we can quickly get to the core of your problem or challenge. No matter what challenge you face. The Next Lab has an appropriate innovation process to arrive at a relevant and applicable solution. 

Free conversation in which we get to the root of the problem.

To fully understand your challenge, we conduct interviews and help with the further research that needs to be done.

Determine your strategy and build a realistic roadmap to achieve your goals.

Learn how to facilitate your own innovation workshops or get training in creative leadership and change management.  


Our proven processes break impasses and encourage creative, innovative and applicable solutions. Together with our team of top facilitators and our extensive network of designers, product owners, developers and communications experts, we design the right solution together. 

The Design Sprint is the process to answer project critical questions and see how your customers react to new ideas. In five days from idea to validated prototype!

A 1-day power workshop to set goals, plot a roadmap, get to the bottom of a problem, find new solutions or bring focus to a process or project. Bring focus at lightning speed and find solutions in just 1 day!

A surprisingly fast method where everyone gets to speak right away and after 1.5 hours you have generated lots of ideas. A great method with proven innovative power.

Under the guidance of The Next Lab's innovation strategists, develop rapidly applicable innovations with impact.  


Together we build a prototype and test your new product or service with the target audience. This way we know whether the solution really matches the expectations of your target group before we proceed to implementation 

Using The Next Lab, build a prototype to test your new idea or come up with a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) at lightning speed that you can put into practice right away.

By conducting interviews, The Next Lab tests what your target audience really needs and whether your product or service fits them.


We help implement the solution. Whether this is a product service, new way of working or something else. Our change management experts ensure that the implementation goes well and is embraced.

Our innovation experts help you successfully implement new ideas, products or services.

Our change management experts work with you to ensure that your organization and employees embrace new processes, products and practices and make them a success.

Get to the root of the problem quickly?

Let's schedule a call with a member of our team. This is a 15- to 30-minute orientation call to ensure that The Next Lab is the right fit for your business.

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