innovation accelerators who want to make the world a better place every day

The Next Lab is all about making positive impact. When Jeroen Kraak, founder of The Next Lab, experienced firsthand as a participant in 2016 how much impact a Design Sprint can make, he knew, "this is how all organizations should work."

The idea for The Next Lab was born and the mission was set to help as many organizations as possible with the coolest and most impactful innovation processes. More importantly, The Next Lab set the goal of making positive impact in the places where it is needed most. From Kerkrade to Cape Town.

We want to make a better world together. From Kerkrade to Cape Town. Everything we do is focused on that. The UN's 17 SDGs are our compass in this regard.

Our people

A team of energetic innovators, change makers, coaches, facilitators and designers make up The Next Lab. Highly experienced people, all of whom are among the very best in their fields.

Securing knowledge

The Next Lab's processes and practices are embedded in our digital academy as roadmaps for innovation and change. Say our secret sauce, available to all our partners and customers.

We have the resources

The Next Lab moves in a network of people and organizations that together arrive at the right solutions and innovations. Our clients and partners are integral parts of that network. Together, we form a healthy and working ecosystem

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