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Software as as Service, or SaaS, are digital tools that help the end user solve a certain challenge on an ongoing basis. Take, for example, a program that automatically processes accounting. Once the tool works and is used, the question of "how to proceed" can sometimes be difficult to answer. In this case, we show how to be sure in advance which new features will really deliver more value to the end user.


Innovating an online SaaS product first and foremost means understanding very well which features of the service are currently most valued by its end users. It can be challenging to further improve the customer experience if you don't have a clear picture of both the needs and frustrations of your users. In this case, you'll learn how to get from ideas to a concrete action plan in one day through a Focus Sprint.


With the Focus Sprint, we learn to understand what the new service needs to meet and gain insight into how to bring the service to market. To measure the goals, we stated that the Focus Sprint is successful when we have the basis for an automated solution and an initial idea of what it will look like.

Validation and conclusion

Based on data and interviews with the end users, we were able to validate what they needed most, such as a dashboard in which they could see the most important KPIs organization-wide. They would also like to use this dashboard to run reports faster and easier, but most importantly, to create forecasts. The idea for the Sector Dashboard was born.

We also learned during the interviews what not to do. It turned out that the target group hates jargon. Anything that makes information unnecessarily complicated results in a negative experience.

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